Best Programming Languages for Automation Testing

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Automation testing plays a significant role in creating dynamic web applications for enterprises. The tech world is a giant pool of programming languages from which choosing the right one is important. Even if traditional manual testing practices are replaced by automated testing, testers need to have hands-on experience with at least one automation development language. 

What is Automation Testing? 

The automation testing process is performed on testing software and other tech applications to meet the client’s specific requirements. It’s a test carried out to double-check the developed application. These tests are essential to detect bugs, defects, and other internal issues that can arise with product development. Selecting an adequate programming language is essential for automation testing. 

Here are some popular languages in 2022: 


Python website development is an open-source development language widely used for automated testing in 2022. Moreover, it reinforces several frameworks for unit, end-to-end, and integration associated with automation. Python programming language is easy to adapt and simple for those aspiring to learn the language. Python frameworks that are globally used are Pytest, Robot, Nose 2, Behave, Lettuce, and Testify. Python is a dynamic programming language that offers premium feature library support, reliable integration, and control options. Highly popular apps like youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram are just a few examples of prominent python language-created applications. 


JavaScript is one of the most significant development languages even after the eighth year of its first official release. JavaScript is mainly used for stronger test automation, especially for frontend development for applications. JavaScript is unavoidably created for the best web applications like Instagram, Accenture, Slack, and Airbnb, which support libraries written through JavaScript automation, such as instauto, ATOM, and many more. This programming language uses multiple testing frameworks like Zest, Jasmine, and Nightwatch JS, which have well-refined testing as well as end-to-end testing. 


Microsoft’s C# is a general-purpose, modern object-oriented programming language. This language is regarded as one of the most popular programming languages for automation. As the language is developed by the experience developers of Microsoft, C# is steadily flourishing its boom with its automation testing. Automation testers use these frameworks to perform crossborder, unit, and functional testing to achieve consistency and extensibility during code execution. Companies like Accenture and Stack Overflow are integrating C# as it is explicitly compatible with Selenium WebDriver. 


The popular abbreviation PHP was earlier known as Personal Homepage. But now, it is a looping acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. Php is an open-source programming language that is ideally suited for website development. Php isn’t that hard to learn for students who are beginners in programming. Php can be seamlessly integrated with all databases, relational and non-relational. Php is also known for its dynamic automation testing. PHP is preferred by huge organizations like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo for their website development. For building heavy data-loaded eCommerce applications, PHP is the best choice. The most significant Php frameworks are BeHat, Codeception, Laravel Dusk, and PHPUnit. 


Ruby is a booming programming language in the information technology industry. Ruby is an MVC Architecture programming language flying high in the business world, demanding automation testing. Those businesses are related to recruitment, logistics, or risk management firms. The interesting feature of Ruby is that it provides a convenient working environment for Selenium Automation Testers to implement cross-border testing. This language is very human-friendly, simple to understand, and highly productive. With the help of Ruby’s popular frameworks like RSpec, Capybara, and Test::Unit, multinational organizations like Twitter and Shopify can deploy web applications with automation testing services. This language is known for its elegant syntax, which is very natural to read and easy to draft codes. 


The blog summarized the briefing on widely popular programming languages used for automation testing. Apart from the languages mentioned above, there is a diverse range of new emerging programming languages like angular js for website development. The selection of the ideal programming language for your business depends on the requirements of the company and the tester’s preferences. The coding trend keeps modifying, so stay stunned with us for the latest tech updates. There are many software development companies that provide brilliant automation testing services in diverse programming languages.

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