How To Create An App In 2022

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Today, mobile apps play an integral role in simplifying our daily lives. The marketplace is fully loaded with brilliant apps, from shopping online to paying bills. And it’s no wonder that mobile app development company launch new apps every day to streamline things so that our lives are made easier and faster. 

According to Statista, worldwide smartphone subscriptions will reach more than 6 billion by 2023 and are expected to get more than 7.6 billion by 2027.  China, India, and the US are the top countries with the most smartphone users. As mobile app usage grows exponentially, the industry is expected to generate an estimated $156 billion by 2023.

These stats highlight the importance of mobile app development in today’s digital era. However, app development doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds. You must be aware of the right tools, resources, and steps you need to take while developing a perfect app.

So, if you have an app idea in your mind and don’t know where to start, hiring proficient mobile app developers from ForceBolt can give you peace of mind. From planning to design to development, the ForceBolt team can help you with all types of mobile applications depending on your business needs. 

In this post, we will guide you through 9 important steps to help you understand how to create an app in 2022. 

Key Steps To Create An App

  1. Craft your app idea on paper
  2. Know what type of app is suitable for your business
  3. Pen down the app features
  4. Design your app
  5. Test your app
  6. Publish the App on the App Store
  7. Update your app Continuously 

Craft your app idea on paper 

The first step comprises setting up an idea for developing the app. You ought to answer some queries such as:

  • Who all are your target audience. The app design depends on the audience. 
  • What are all features most engaging for the users? 
  • Find competitor apps in the market. 
  • Whether or not monetization of the app is crucial for you? 

The second step is to create a mockup for app design. A great user experience is delivered with a simple design and engaging UI. The design must not be overloaded and have the familiar look and feel of similar mobile apps; The app design consists of both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).  

Know what type of app is suitable for your business

There are two types of apps development approaches you can choose from – Native and Progressive Web Apps(PWAs). A native app developed is suitable for running on a specific device and operating system. So, these apps can use the resources of the hardware or the device. Native app development leads to reliable and high-performance products and creates independent outputs for each operating system.  

Pen down the app features

After completing the market research, you need to start with a prototype. A prototype represents how your app will look and will work. For this, you have to list out all the features you wish to include in your app.  

Develop your app

After deciding on the type of app and listing out the features, you have to choose how to build our app. There are two ways to do this. 

  1. Design/ Develop an app: While designing an app, the main focus should be on the user experience. As the primary reason the majority of mobile apps fail is poor user experience. When you want to create an app for free, the ideal option is to design your app using various design tools such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and more. 

And when it comes to mobile app development, skills and expertise are required, such as Objective-C and Swift for iOS apps, Java or Kotlin for Android apps. 

  1. Hire a Freelance mobile app developer/Mobile App development company –  

The web abounds with freelancers and developers to whom you can reach out for your mobile app development project.  

You can also hire a mobile app development company that can help you guide throughout the entire mobile app development cycle. 

Test the App

It is essential to test the app several times after the version of the app is ready to be released. The features must work desirably. All the versions must be tested with various browsers and different OS. Hiring beta-testers can help you identify the points you overlook, like efficient navigation, app speed, visually pleasing design that adapts well to all screens, etc. If a defect is detected, the developer must rectify that before the app gets published. Type of testing to be done to ensure how the app works well. 

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Interruption Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Automation Testing

Publish the App on the App Store

To reach out to the maximum number of users, the app must get published on as many platforms as possible to reach out to the maximum number of users. You must register as a developer for both platforms. Google Play Developer is less expensive than the App Store. Apple’s App Store requires strict guidelines for offering users top-quality apps only.  

Before submitting the app for review, you must submit metadata (app name, description, and additional keywords for ASO) and other information (icon, screenshots/app preview). The review process takes a few days, and you are then informed by email when the app becomes public. 

For Google Play Store, you must create your app on your Google Play Console and register the information displayed on Google Play like title, short description, full description, graphic assets (pictures, app screenshots), category, contact details, privacy policy. The keywords used lead to optimizing your app’s ranking in the Store. Just follow the guidance on the Google Console to deploy and publish your app. 

Finally, publishing a PWA app is much easier as it just requires hosting the app on a web server and linking a web domain to it.  

Update your app Continuously

You must keep a constant watch on the App KPIs provided -by the Analytics tools from Google Play Store or the App Store. Releasing new content and features for your app or upgrading the existing features helps engage the users better. There are ways to include the users in your marketing strategy, and sending a push notification on the recent release or displaying features on the home screen are some ways of doing this. In the case of the PWA, the update can be done without any resubmission constraints. 

Final Wrap

Mobile app development might seem to be a complex process. But breaking down the complex process into simple steps would help you build a full-fledged mobile app to give more value to your customers. Furthermore, a successful application development project hinges on the skills of the involved Android developers. So make the right choice when choosing the mobile app developer for your project. And this is where hiring the best mobile app developers from ForceBolt can help you transform your business in countless ways. Contact a leading mobile app development company now!


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