How Node.JS Platform can be used to Develop Real-Time Apps?

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The advancement of technology has made things easygoing, and now, everything is just a click away from our fingertips. Today, almost everything is virtual, and people look for quick, simple, and convenient services that don’t need much effort.  

In such situations, real-time applications come as saviors. Real-time app development is the need of the hour. Moreover, it has become a necessity for people worldwide due to its exclusive opportunities to spread information amongst each other in real time.

Node.js platform has created a strong presence as a real-time app development platform. Unlike other platforms, it has grown a massive popularity in recent years with its great features and advantages. 

Whether you are constructing a chat app or a multiplayer game, Node.js is the perfect choice for developers in real-time applications. Moreover, it has shown tremendous positive outcomes while using similar use cases across the industry.

As per reports, around 43% of developers use Node.js to develop data-intensive applications for organizations. It has transformed into an essential tool for real-time application development.

In this blog, we’ll highlight why Node.js is the correct choice for developers to create real-time apps & How it can be used to develop real-time apps.

Let’s start with Introduction to Node.Js.

Node.js is an open-source cross-platform that allows developers to form server-side applications via Javascript. The platform was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl that runs code on both sides, i.e., the server and client.

Node.js was created to lessen the developers’ burden of writing innovative network applications in Javascript. They can manage thousands of indirect connections with a single server without involving multiple threads.

It’s easy to use, speedy, and flexible compared to other languages such as PHP or Ruby on Rails (RoR). Thus, Node.js is an excellent platform for real-time app development for developers.

The gained popularity of Node.js is so immense that when we talk about non-blocking I/O operations, event-driven, single-threaded, and non-parallel features, Node.js is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind.

Now, let’s explore why Node.js is an ideal platform for Real-time Apps. 

Node.js is best for Real-time Applications.

  • Single Code

The primary feature of Node.js is that it can work with the client and the server at the same time. Thus, making data transmission easy for the highest synchronization. In addition, the single code techniques act like a guardian angel for the developers while creating or implementing code by saving time.

  • Fast Speed

We are a generation that wants everything instantly, whether it’s their coffee or website. Now, people want their web applications to respond really quickly and accurately in real-time. Nod.js has the potential to work with tons of data and provide excellent solutions to its users in no time.

  • No buffering

Nobody likes interruptions or distractions; that’s why Node.js is built so that it never buffers any data. Node.js transfers the data in chunks to avoid buffering and handle thousands of concurrent connections at a time without interruptions. Now, enjoy working with the no-buffering feature of Node.js.

  • SEO Friendly

Everyone wishes to be on the top, and search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more, look out for applications that can support them in acquiring good ratings on the internet. Therefore, Node.js comes into the picture as it is SEO-friendly and stands out for real-time development applications. Also, Node.js is a scalable solution that can empower your real-time application.

  • Reusability

You may find various plugins and libraries for every viable task in this cross-platform Node.js. In addition, multiple modules give you ample methods to build an HTTP server to send emails or even analyze data. Therefore, with these ample components, you can reuse them to speed up your development.

So, for in-depth knowledge, below are some real-time applications using Node.js for your business. 

Node.js for developing Real-time apps

  1. WebSockets: WebSockets allow real-time bidirectional communication between the client and server. Additionally, it has built-in support for WebSockets through the ws module, which can create a continuous connection between the server and client. WebSockets send real-time updates and eliminate the need for the client to refresh the page.
  1. Event-driven programming: Node.js is structured to manage various connections simultaneously without interrupting the event loop. With the support of event-driven programming, transforming real-time applications and responding quickly to its users is possible.
  1. Server-side push notifications: The role of Node.js here is to send push notifications to clients in real-time using a server-sent event (SSE). It helps the server to push updates to the client without the client’s involvement. It is used for real-time chat applications, stock tickers, or news feeds.
  1. Real-time databases: These databases store and retrieve data in real-time with real-time databases, such as Firebase or MongoDB. Also, it can develop applications that can quickly change data without involving the client in refreshing the page.
  1. Node.js frameworks: Many Node.js frameworks are designed mainly for building real-time applications – for instance,, Primus, and Feathers. Moreover, Node.js frameworks allow build-in support for Websockets and other real-time technologies. Thus, building real-time applications becomes smooth and easy.

Final Word

Node.js can change the reputation of your business for good. The entrepreneurs looking to accelerate and expand their business growth, then Node.js is the best platform to build real-time apps due to its excellent features such as single code, necessary data handling facility, adaptability, and more. If you also want to experience a difference in your business, then Node.js is worth trying. Moreover, its single-thread implementation of fewer resources and space makes it unique.

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