Machine Learning vs. Traditional Programming

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Machine Learning vs. Traditional Programming 


The word “Programming” is something we all must have heard once. Whatever we are performing today could have been possible only with the evolution of programming. It has been with us for a century (Since the mid-1800s). With the massive revolution in this industry, Machine Learning has significantly impacted because of its advanced automation capabilities.


Before Moving forward, Let’s first understand Traditional Programming and Machine Learning.


Traditional Programming is a manual technique in which a programmer instructs the computer by giving inputs (in the form of code) to produce the output. Anyone with a decent programming background can formulate the code using rules manually. 

Machine Learning, also known as augmented analytics, provides input data and output to an algorithm to build a program. It is a wholly automated process, where the algorithms automatically compose & execute the coding rules using data, which is impressive.



Here’s a closer comparison of traditional programming versus machine learning to see cut-to-cut capabilities & usefulness.


As we just mentioned, the First difference is their way of operation itself. Traditional Programming is a manual process, while Machine learning is an automated process. 


In traditional programming, a person (programmer) builds the program, & the rules also get defined by him to get the output. Conversely, machine learning only needs input and output data with its self-defined rules. Then the computer analyzes the fed information using its algorithms and delivers a program to resolve the case. 


Let’s take an example to see the different functional behaviour of both processes. Suppose you want to build a program that detects a person’s physical activity from their rate of movement or speed. With traditional programming, there will be many difficulties solving this issue because every action has different speeds depending on age, fitness, atmosphere, etc.

But, if we try to solve the same case with Machine Learning, you have to get many samples of people performing different activities along with their titles (i.e., the kind of activity). The computer will automatically fetch the data and create a model to forecast a person’s movements based on speed.




Both fields have equal scope & opportunities for freshers and experienced. Whether it is about “Software Developer” Openings or “Machine Learning Developers,” both are equally important for any organization. Concerning that, both have attractive package offerings. Now, it is totally up to you where your interest weighs more. 


Is Machine Learning the future?


With the massive revolution in AI (Artificial Intelligence), it’s not a new thing to wonder if machine learning will wholly replace the demand for programmers in the coming future. What will happen when we become entirely dependent on machines? Will Programmers lose their jobs? Will software engineers become an imaginary thing?

The Answer is Simple: Not Really! Although Machine Learning will change how we create computer programs, it won’t affect human coders’ needs. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will complement programming approaches rather than replace them. 

A change in the roles of programmers certainly will be seen as the AI systems improve further. Their tasks will get deviated from writing code line-by-line to curating and examining input data for machine learning algorithms. This transformation is unavoidable, and computer programmers must improve their skills and concentrate on the least automatable ones. As far as jobs are concerned, AI and ML will help software development companies reduce software development costs, which means the ability to build more software in a shorter time. So rest assured that programmers likely won’t lose their positions.




Having walked through all of the above comparisons, here is the conclusion:


So, Every Problem comes with different solutions & required different operations as well!


Some can be quickly resolved using Conventional programming, and some with Machine learning. Both the models work differently & have their specific abilities to provide the best solution possible. So it is clear that both approaches have equal importance for any organization. 

But, the question arises: Do you know what your business needs? Do you know whether to hire angular js developers or machine learning developers? Are you well aware of the Project requirements? Do you have confusion about choosing AI or ML?


No worries, ForceBolt – Full Stack Development Agencyis here to help you with your project requirements & resolve your doubts. Whether it is about node js development services or react js development services, we cater to all your programming needs. We also actively respond to all queries on our social media platforms. So do not forget to follow us on YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

We hope this blog has solved its purpose. Thanks for reading.

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