5 Reasons Why Flutter Called Is Future For Application Development

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5 Reasons Why Flutter Is Called Future For Application Development

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We live in an era where different mobile technologies surround us to fuel today’s economy. In addition, the mobile app development industry is growing dynamically at a rapid pace while opening significant possibilities for driving business results. Over the last few years, the concept of cross-platform mobile development is transforming the app development procedure for both developers and businesses. And, the latest sensation in today’s app development market is “Flutter.” This technological innovation has assisted full-stack development agencies with a seamless and efficient cross-app development process. 

Operated by Google, Flutter is an open-source app development platform. It provides developers with rich and modern features that can be utilized in different operating systems. Launched on Github in 2016, Flutter succeeded in impressing the developers and business community. In today’s time, Flutter has left behind its predecessors and has come up with a power-packed software development toolkit. Various application development companies, including Reflect, Google Ads, Alibaba, etc., have adopted Flutter for providing premium services to their consumers. 

Consequently, Flutter is unlikely to become obsolete and assists various operating systems like Android, Mac, and iOS. With its reliable cross-browser platform, Flutter can defeat its recognized competitors. 

After knowing the basics of Flutter, let’s discuss why Flutter is called the future for application development.

1. Cross-Platform Framework – Flutter is a cross-platform mobile development platform. Various cross-platform frameworks perform on the idea of Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA). This feature enables the developers to develop apps for multiple platforms just by using a single codebase. Hence, Flutter eases the process of creating the same app again for a varied platform. It liberates the business owner or the developer by converting the application on its own, reducing the cost and time.  

2. Programming Language – Dart – Flutter uses the latest programming language, Dart, which is used for application and software development. Due to the fast compilation of Dart, developers can get their hands on the productive and rich tooling support of Flutter. Moreover, developers who have hands-on experience writing code for Java and C# can quickly start coding using Dart. 

3. Quick Compilation – Creating an application that works seamlessly with different operating systems is a tricky task. It requires a framework capable of compiling the app code to the native code in proper time frames. Not just this, a compatible application must abide by the rules of syntaxes of both platforms. Keeping all these things in mind, Flutter uses JIT (Just In Time) and AOT (Ahead Of Time compilers. This provides faster speed with higher performance than other app development available in the market.

4. User-friendly Setup – This Google product is an accessible building application, which comes with an easy setup. Also, it provides excellent support to the properties and developers. Flutter has ready-use widgets, which help in executing the material design. Therefore, to put in simple words, Flutter is synonymous with making development easy to understand. Even developers who are handling this platform for the first time can use the available widgets for enhancing the feel and look of the application. 

5. Hot Reload Facility – Flutter’s Hot Reload feature is faster as compared to other platforms. This feature allows developers to code the output and update the change instantly. Further, developers can use Hot Reload for adding features like UI, images, fixing bugs, etc. Not just this, by utilizing this feature available in Flutter, developers do not have to worry about modifying an application from scratch. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you are getting started with mobile app development or a well-established full stack development agency, Flutter is the right choice for building high-quality and robust native applications for the Android and iOS operating systems without spending much time and effort. To offer a convenient cross-platform approach to the developers, Flutter will help you stay ahead of the competition and work with the trend. 


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