Why You Must Choose MEAN Stack Development For Your Next Project

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Web and app development is a complex task because of the range of available choices that offer myriad benefits. Therefore, full-stack companies have to be careful when choosing these options, depending on the requirements and the target audience. They have to make an ideal choice to add value to their business.

To build an application, developers and businesses require consistent and standardized software. The matter is complicated because of the abundance of software stacks like Ruby On Rails, LAMP, etc. The tech stack area is simply overcrowded. So, developers are nowadays judiciously using a mixture of technologies to achieve their goals of faster and better mobile and web apps. One example of such a technology used is the MEAN stack. 

MEAN stack offers a lot of benefits. In this post, we will highlight why we learn MEAN, what is the contribution made, and some of the advantages of MEAN stack development technology. Let us first find out more about the MEAN stack. 

What is MEAN?

MEAN is a collection of full-stack JavaScript frameworks, including MongoDB, Angular.js, Node.js, and Express.js. They are user-friendly and can help developers build dynamic applications and websites. The stack is open-source and allows the developers to create prototypes of mean-based web applications for a fast method. 

The best part about the MEAN stack is that it is based on a single language – JavaScript. It runs on every tier of the application. It also enables the developers to effortlessly write inclusive test suites for the MEAN application that you have developed by using the latest MEAN stack testing frameworks. Some examples of such testing frameworks are JasmineJS, MochaJS, and KarmaJS. 

The MEAN stack programming can not only deal with products with explicit attributes but also can help in less troublesome migrations by revolutionizing and adjusting the data layers. So, these reasons help the developer community with an advanced way of web development.

Next, we’ll explore why the developers must acquire skillsets in MEAN. 

Why Learn MEAN?

One can hardly achieve much on the web without JavaScript. Since JavaScript is the single language that runs on the entire MEAN stack, it boasts communities of active developers.

Moreover, everything written in JavaScript supports a unique execution environment for server and client-side. Furthermore, the versatile building of robust, maintainable, and fast web and mobile applications make it such a popular stack. 

In addition to all these, it generates employment opportunities for the developer community.

In India, the national average salary for a MEAN Stack Developer is ₹4,27,786, as per Glassdoor. 

Now, let’s take a tour of the MEAN stack development framework advantages.

Advantages of MEAN Stack Development Framework

1. High Speed and Reusability 

The high speed and reusability of MEAN stack development are due to the non-blocking architecture of Node.js. Angular JS, an open-source JavaScript framework, streamlines testability, maintainability, and reusability.  

2. Easy Isomorphic Coding

It is easier to transfer the code from one framework to another through the MEAN stack.  

3. Higher Flexibility

The developers’ flexible and efficient JavaScript framework to build projects of all types of complexities or sizes. MEAN stack is a perfect fit for all – single-page applications or complex ones. It makes data sharing easy among the applications by simply adding the corresponding fields. 

4. Compatible with Cloud 

The libraries and public repositories get used by MEAN stack for web development. In addition to this, MongoDB effectively utilizes the app’s cloud features, thereby reducing the cost of disk space. 

5. Cost-efficient Development 

The primary reason to choose MEAN stack is due to its budget-friendly way. With a complete package of technologies, the app owner no longer requires experts in each realm, but a single team of developers serves the purpose. Moreover, the code is sharable and reusable within the framework, so there is no need to code the common MEAN stack development cost-efficient. 

6. JSON’s Added Benefits

With its various benefits, JSON makes it a great asset to MEAN stack development. The primary reason is to save the developer’s time with no need to write common functionalities again and again. Moreover, it is possible to use PHP and import data with the MSQL server for processing. Finally, the developers have a lesser burden due to external APIs. 

7. Easy to Pickup

The developers find MEAN easy to learn irrespective of whether they are front-end or back-end developers. It is not only easy to understand, but the same applies to its implementation post-development. 

8. Development Based Entirely on JavaScript

MEAN Stack is a framework entirely based on JavaScript language. It is used for client and server-side applications, supporting a wide range of OS. The real-time apps ensure an extraordinary user experience with a streamlined module performance. Thanks to Nodejs, MEAN stack web apps do that. 

MEAN stacks’ benefit also rests on the support for JavaScript in making applications for managing the data. This results in easier data recovery and speeds up the process. It also offers highly scalable applications with less time to market.  


MEAN Stack development is rising at a faster pace. Most web and mobile app development companies resort to these cutting-edge technologies to develop scalable, robust web and mobile applications.

Do you have any requirements? Hire a professional MEAN stack development company that can transform your idea and the core of your business with an expert team proficient in the stack and with years of experience to deliver a cost-effective solution. Contact ForceBolt today!


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