How To Choose The Best ReactJS Development Company?

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In the front-end development ecosystem, one that has been rapidly evolving in the last few years, ReactJS, a JavaScript-based front-end & UI development tool, has increasingly gained popularity among developers and enterprises within a short time.  As per Statista, ReactJS is the most widely used web framework used by developers globally in 2021. 

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript repository that helps developers add or customize certain interactive functionalities in the front-end of a web project without writing code or starting to build from scratch. As said by Jordan Walker, creator of React, it is an efficient, flexible, declarative JavaScript library that enables developers to create simple, scalable, and fast front-ends of web applications. It offers other benefits like saving the developer’s time with reusable components, taking less deployment time with JavaScript knowledge, and picking up quickly. 

You must hire an expert ReactJS Development Company to deliver you the best that you can get out of this tool. 

In this post, we will delve into choosing the best ReactJS Development Company, the cost involved, and the benefits of hiring a ReactJS Development Company. 

How to Choose The Best ReactJS Development Company?

It is critical to consider certain factors before hiring a ReactJS Development Company. 

1. Spell Out Your Unique Requests

Before you hire a company, first, you must be crystal clear about your unique requirements. Jot down the requirements in writing, and these prove beneficial when you scroll through the numerous catalogs and profiles of various development companies. And this comes in handy while conducting interviews. 

2. Check the Developer’s Past 

The portfolio comprises similar and successful projects carried out by the development company, sometimes in the past. A portfolio helps you decide whether to opt for a development company or seek competitors. It tells you about the types of clients and responses from clients on services rendered by them. The top-tier clients ensure that quality service is delivered. The testimonials and case studies also help you get an idea about the work done. However, you verify the authenticity of the portfolio. 

3. Go Through the Technology Stack 

A development company’s systematic approach gets displayed in the tech stack. The stack tells you about the programs and tools employed for creating applications or developing a website. This way, you can determine whether this company is the right fit for your company. 

4. Conduct the Interviews

The developers in the prospective company must have the required technical skillsets, and along with that, personal qualities and interpersonal skills also matter. You must test both – hard and soft skills. Check other qualities like whether they can work with your team and deliver results – as per your expectations. 

5. Compare with Competitors

List out the companies and compare them instead of reviewing them individually. This way, you become better prepared with a thorough understanding of their approaches, strengths, and weaknesses.  

6. Pricing 

Look into the packages of services and the pricing. A low price may be equivalent to mediocre services. It is better to opt for quality service, even at a higher price but within budget constraints.  

What is the Cost of Hiring a ReactJS Development Company?

The cost of hiring depends on various factors like years of experience, availability across multiple time zones, location, etc. Here is a glimpse of the average cost of hiring a ReactJS Development Company. 

Upwork, one of the best platforms for freelance professionals, states the price as $ 20 to 40 /per hour. On the other hand, the cost can be $ 50, depending on the skill set and experience. The rates in Upwork are not location-specific as it showcases portfolios of developers from all over the world.

As per Glassdoor, the cost of hiring a ReactJS Developer is $87 987 per annum. 

As per a report by Relevant Software, the average yearly salary around the globe, as shown in the below table are

Country  Hourly Rates 
United States $120 000
Canada $110 000
United Kingdom  $  71 820
The Netherlands  $  49 095
Spain  $  35 423
France  $  44 284
Ukraine  $  28 990
India  $    9 843

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A ReactJS development company

There are a host of technology companies that offer services on ReactJS Development. Before you proceed to hire, it is a must to weigh the pros and cons of the various development companies. 


1. Efficiency And Reliability 

Professionalism is part of a successful software development company. This becomes equivalent to efficiency and reliability. Reliability is higher for software development companies for long-term projects. 

2. Confidentiality 

The software development companies maintain the confidentiality of the information about your organization. 

3. Flexibility

On hiring a software development company, you will have higher flexibility in extending the team. 

4. Project Management 

The software development companies will have a project manager to plan the project management tasks, unlike the freelancers. 

5. Post-Development Support Services

After the software gets launched, the development companies usually continue with support services for a maximum of one year. This helps in the maintenance, updations, and further improvements based on the client feedback. 

6. Expert Team 

A development company boasts of a team of experts with higher levels of expertise and years of experience. The experts are bound to deliver better than the freelancers. 


1. Higher Costs 

The software development companies would not like to budge below a certain level of their costs. They indeed charge higher than the freelancers. 

2. Difficult Collaboration 

The bigger the organization is under your consideration, the more difficult it becomes to make the teams collaboratively work together due to management complexities and difficulty in alignment with the client’s needs. 

3. Lack of Quality Assessment 

The development company must not follow perceptions but have a strict quality assessment process.  


Before you hire a ReactJS development company, there is a need to weigh the pros and cons of the various companies. If you work with no budget constraints, it is best to hire an outsourcing software development company that delivers long-term projects with reliability and efficiency. However, you have to incur higher costs. Moreover, the software development companies strictly maintain the confidentiality of the information related to your organization. They also have specialists, so you are in better hands when you choose them.
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