Why Should One Use Node.js While Creating A Website?

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why should one use node js while creating a website

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Node Js, a runtime environment through which you can run JavaScript on a machine, not on a browser but on a physical machine. Node JS was initially released in the year 2009 and was an initial hit. Coders welcomed the concept of using JavaScript on the machine and started using it to build interactive websites. There is a list of JavaScript engines used by JavaScript developers to operate it on different browsers. Engines like SpiderMonkey, Chakra, V8, and many more are getting used on different web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other popular web browsers. To summon in a single point, JavaScript is not a programming language but rather it is a runtime environment.

As different browsers were using different JavaScript engines, Chrome was using V8, and there were some internal components in the V8 that were automatically converting javascript into machine codes, and users started to think that whether they can use the same technology to run javascript into the machine, and that’s where Node JS came into light.

Through NodeJS, one can create a scalable website and application from the front to the back-end.

Reasons to use Node JS for creating a website

Along with its being free, there are many other benefits too for using Node JS for creating websites, and some of the most important and beneficial ones are mentioned below –


With the aid of Node JS, a developer can easily scale a website horizontally and vertically. To scale a website, you just need to add an extra node. And while doing vertical scaling, Node JS also offers the option of adding extra resources to single nodes to the existing system.

Easy To Learn

With the IT industry at an all-time peak, developers are looking to learn new things, which is easy to learn and also easy to work on. Node JS is no doubt one of the easiest to learn and takes the least time to learn. But there are many other programming languages too that are easy to learn, but they are of no use and their technology is already gone. But that is not the case with Node JS, as Node JS is easy to learn as well as equally important in the IT industry.

Large Number Of Active Users

With Node JS, regularly getting more and more efficient; a large number of new users is regularly getting increased and with users getting increased, they all are contributing to the improvement of the runtime environment and the new users are taking the leverage of it which makes the user experience better and efficient. While you read this blog or even this paragraph, a number of users will start using Node JS.

An All-Rounder

There are many programming languages that are being used in the industry but most of them are not able to handle the front-end as well as the back-end development part of creating a website. And that’s where you can rely on Node JS, as through Node JS one can easily manage both front-end and back-end development parts.

Cost And Time-Saving

With Node JS, one can manage both the frontend and backend development part of a website, due to which they can save a huge amount of time and resources, and saving resources is directly proportional to saving money.

Fast And Cutting-Edge Performance

As already mentioned in the blogpost, Node JS works on the V8 JavaScript engine, and V8 directly changes the JavaScript code into machine code, which makes it easier and way more efficient to implement the code..

Huge Support From Tools

With the user growth in the Node JS runtime environment, many tools have been introduced in the IT industry, which makes the work of Node JS users efficient and easy. Suppose you want to test Node JS applications, so there will be a separate tool for the same which allows you to test, as well as see the errors. Tools like this not only make the work efficient but rather saves a huge amount of effort.

Every programming language or runtime environment has some advantages and disadvantages, depending on how and why you are using it. Similarly, Node JS has some disadvantages but the number and importance of advantages are huge, and that makes Node JS an important runtime environment to learn.

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