Web Designer VS Web Developer

Web Designer VS Web Developer
Web Designer VS Web Developer

People often get confused between the terms web designer and web developer. They both are involved in Web Development’s task, but they’re engaged in very different areas. Web designers create the website’s layout and other visual elements using various design programs like Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, web Developers take a website design and make a functioning website from it. Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages to bring to life the design files. Now, let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about the differences between Web Designer and Web Developer.

Who is a Web Developer?

A web developer is generally a programmer who has expertise in developing www applications using the client-server model. Developers are also responsible for designing, coding, and modifying websites according to a client’s specifications, in every aspect from layout to functioning.

Web developers usually focus on a few sets of languages. They can either focus on the front-end programming of a site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or languages like PHP, Java, Ruby, and. NET for the server-side programmings

Web developers work different job profiles, such as:

Front-End Developer

Front-end development or we can call it client-side development. It usually involves programming all the public-facing visuals and elements as part of a website’s design. Front-end developers have to collaborate with web designers. They should have strong programming skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as they work with visible elements.

Back-End Developer

Back-end development refers to the layer that the users can’t see when they visit a website. The back-end layer forms a connection between the front-end and the database. Back-end developers must have strong programming skills. To get this layer working, it’s essential to know at least one programming language such as Python, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, SQL, etc., and knowledge of server-side frameworks Nodejs is essential.

Full-Stack Developer

A Full Stack Web Developer has a good understanding of how the web works at each level. This includes setting up and configuring Windows or Linux servers, running the client-side of the application using JavaScript, coding server-side APIs, operating and querying databases, and structuring and designing the web page with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Now that you know a web developer, let’s move on with our Web Developer vs. Web Designer blog and learn about a web designer’s job roles.

Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers create layouts that are visually attractive for visitors. A web designer’s work is critical in making sure that visitors spend more time on a website. They analyze the latest web design trends, know design principles and norms, keep what users expect while visiting a website, etc.

Web designers have to focus on adding branding elements to the website without making these elements abrupt compared to the website design. Since web design covers various responsibilities but they can specialize in a specific area.

There are different specializations for a web designer, such as:

User Interface Designers (UI)

UI designers deal with user interaction. They make sure that users can interact with the elements present on the website. The User Interface is what a visitor sees when they access any website, and it needs to be designed to fit the user’s everyday workflow.

User Experience (UX) Designers

UX designers make sure that your website can keep the visitors engaged and is attractive. They analyze the data before finalizing any website design. UX designers have to run complex tests and restructure the websites when needed to keep the user experience optimal.

Visual Designers

When we combine a UI and UX designer’s duties, it creates a separate profile called a visual designer. It refers to creating interfaces that are both visually pleasing and convenient to use for the users. Visual designers’ skills involve both creativity and programming.

Now let’s find out the differences in the roles between a Developer and a Designer.

Roles and responsibilities of a web developer

  • Builds the user interface using HTML, CSS, and JS languages.
  • Front-end developers provide the mockup design to back-end developers to implement a dynamic website.
  • They can use styling preprocessors, JavaScript libraries, and frameworks to fasten development.
  • Back-end developers work on creating the backbone of the website using different languages such as PHP and MySQL.
  • Web developers use versioning tools to keep a history of the previous versions to quickly and effortlessly move back to a previous version.

Roles and responsibilities of a web designer

  • Build the website’s layout and design using software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch.
  • Work on graphic and logo designing.
  • Have a good feel for user experience to identify the most straightforward possible approach to attain the desired function.
  • Web designers MUST keep themselves up to date with the latest design trends.
  • They also need to keep in mind the website’s branding, the color palettes to be used, and the website’s typography and readability.

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