Become A Full Stack Developer In 2021

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A Guide To Becoming A Full Stack Developer In 2021

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Have you been told by your interviewer to have the basic knowledge about technology or website management? With the advancement of technology, business owners have shifted to online platforms to sell their products and services. That’s why the job of a Full Stack Developer has come to arise.

Who is a Full Stack Developer

Before coming to the point, just a question. Have you seen job listings that say, “Need Front End Developers or Back End Developers or Full Stack developers“?

Were you left confused about these terms?

Let’s make you understand with an example!

We all know about Facebook or LinkedIn, which is all about a website with a database that contains information about the users. It also includes a server that stores the photographs and a visual platform that allows users to post and share images or other forms of content.

So, a Full Stack Developer needs to know everything that is required to build an application. They need to know about both- Front End and Back End technologies.

Front End is what we as users observe, which is developed using computer languages like HTML and JavaScript. Whereas, the back end is all about the storage power of the application with the help of web servers and file storage systems.

Also, here is a fact for you The term Full Stack Developer first came to the notice when Facebook decided to hire only them. They said they didn’t need any Back End or Front End Developers.

Can everyone become a Full-Stack Developer?

Not everyone! You need to know computer languages, back-end languages, web architecture, and database storage.


Here is a guide on how you can become a successful Full Stack Developer

Knowledge about how websites work

For being a Full Stack Developer, it is vital to have an ample amount of knowledge about websites and web developments. You should know how a website should be handled and what algorithms are used to keep it on track.


Computer Languages

It is crucial to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts. These multiple unique languages will help you build a website. They are like the building blocks of a website or application.

Every language has its own importance. For instance, HTML will help you add text or content into the site, whereas CSS will add style to your site. On the other hand, JavaScript will come handy for both front end and back end development aspects of a website.

Web Storage

It is also one of the vital things about developing websites. Developers need to understand the cookies and services or sessions that are being used on the site. Try to understand the kind of audience that will use the application and how to attract them.

Also, understand the techniques of driving data into the website and connect the database you chose with the particular back-end language. 


Initially, it might not be easy, but the more you go in-depth into the languages and databases, you might end up becoming a professional Full Stack Developer.


Soft Skills

Soft skills are also necessary for being a Full Stack Developer. But why?

For being a professional developer, it is essential to have contact with your company and colleagues. Also, there are instances where you need to have enough patience because the client might not always be satisfied with the site’s layout or the information included in the site. It requires you to learn to be calm and listen to their requirements.


Skill Sets, including creativity, patience, communication, management skills, and flexibility, are some of the most essential soft skills required.


Designing is part of the game. If you are a Full Stack Developer, you need to take care of the website’s layout and the style that will attract more viewers to your site.

Developers need to know basic principles like UI & UX design and scalability.


Continual Connection

HTTP application is used to have a connection between the user and the server. The user wants the website to be safe so that their privacy is not leaked.

So while creating one, make sure that the site is encrypted. In 2020, a more secure and SSL certified version of HTTP is available. Thus, this is an integral part of being a Full Stack Developer.


Full Stack Developers need to be efficient in both technical and soft skills. In 2020, with the increase in online platforms, start-ups and companies are planning to hire Full Stack Developers because they play the role of two. 

So, now is the best time to improve your skill sets and apply for the role of being a Full Stack Developer. 

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