Top 3 Gamification Apps That Drive User Engagement

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The world is swinging around with the massive effect of gamification apps and turning the tables in corporate training and learning as well. Games have always fascinated the youth and were created to keep their mind active, entertaining, and organized. 

We all know that physical health is essential; similarly, the mental health of any individual is unavoidable and needs to be looked upon with equal parameters. Consequently, sports enhance your development and strengthen your practical skills, increase brain power, support in finding solutions, provide entertainment, and so on.

However, games always succeeded in catching the eyes of the people and motivating them to collaborate, communicate, and learn from each other in the team.

So far, we have discussed gaming and the perks it has stored despite its adverse effects on people. However, moving further in this blog, we’’ll be discussing about the best gamification apps helpful for your business by driving colossal user engagement and allowing folks to look at these applications with a different perception. But before that, let us discuss about the meaning of Gamification and its Applications.

Meaning: Gamification and its Applications

Gamification simply means adding game mechanics and dynamics into the non-game environment, such as websites, mobile applications, learning management systems, etc., to increase user engagement and retention over the platform.

The mobile game market is increasing rapidly and is expected to reach 2,220.8 million by the year 2025 comes. No wonder gamification can quickly help in user acquisition, and the increase will positively affect the generated revenue.

Gamification helps businesses to know their customers better, thus providing them with valuable output from the company.

It helps in more application installs, provides a more satisfying experience to the user, increases brand awareness, unlocks the user’s creativity, and makes user onboarding a fun activity.

We can all sense the strength of technology that plays a valuable role in engaging the audiences and expanding their knowledge via these applications and virtual platforms. 

Though, here the decision is all yours in choosing the right app for your business growth and improvement of your business services. Moreover, the advancement of technology has created a wide array of automation tools to choose from. Therefore, gamification apps can be fruitful for your organization in the coming years. 

Now, let us have a look at  the top 3 Gamification Apps of 2022 that will drive the attention of the targeted audience as well as engage new users toward your business.

The three best Gamification Applications

The traits of technology are no longer hidden, and evolving at a pace. So, as an advantage, it allows you to explore and experiment with multiple apps for your organization for everyday tasks such as learning, and training. 

So far, with our research, we have come up with the top 3 gamification apps that will blow your mind. Have a look-

  • Urban Sport Club: It is one of the user engagement and lead generation applications that invented a rock climbing game app. In addition, this constructed game permits users to climb as high as possible, and the applicants who win get a 3-month contract with the sports company as remuneration. However, this rewarding campaign hiked the engagement of potential new leads, caught player insights, and showcased their value proposition in pleasing and inviting ways.
  • Shopkick: The application Shopkick operates gamification to allure its customers and construct their everyday shopping experience into entertainment by surprising them with exciting rewards. These traits help them gain the attention of new customers and allow the old ones to stick to the brand. This application sends messages and notifications to the users on the mobile app, where they create opportunities to collect benefit points used while shopping. In addition, these points are known as “kicks” that are redeemed by scanning the product in-store and can claim the gift cards earned.
  • Nike Run Club: With the support of gamification, the possibility for Nike to gather crucial data about its customer’s selected sports, activity levels, and preferred sportswear styles becomes smooth, which further benefits them in carrying out the demands of their users. The application allows people to manage the motivation gap, continue training, and reach their goals. And this is attained through – GPS tracking, guided running workouts, practiced coaching plans, etc., while having fun. Here, the role of gamification stimulates mobile app engagement and retention.


These applications can take your business to extreme growth and great heights of success. However, introducing these applications or tools in your daily activities can be beneficial for the smooth functioning of your business. So, we did our research to find the best for you, and now the turn is yours to make a firm decision in opting for the suitable gamification application. We hope this blog will add value to your knowledge & bring considerable profit to your business.

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