4 Software Trends You Cannot Ignore In 2022

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Trends in software development have always been changing, but the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the pace of change. Therefore, what appears to be a common practice in software development today may not be so in the near future. When developing an app, a full stack development must know where the software industry is headed and strategize accordingly. For example, low-code development platforms are gaining popularity, with market revenue expected to reach $46.4 billion by 2026.

So, in this blog, we will be sharing 4 top software trends that a developer must not ignore in the upcoming year. 

#4 A Cloud-Native Technology Domination 

Unlike cloud-managed services, the paradigm of cloud-hosted solutions is configurable and infrastructure-independent. As a result, we can have a container-based system with cloud-native, where services are deployed as part of microservices and run in containers. This container approach has the potential to improve speed and efficiency, allowing businesses to respond to market changes more quickly.

#3 Ensuring Security With DevSecOps

Security has been a significant concern in the previous years, and it will remain one of the top priorities for businesses of all sizes in 2022. As a result, it is not surprising that DevSecOps adoption will rise. DevSecOps can be essential in ensuring high-security standards, as security should be considered in every commit and pull request. As a result, any threats can be detected and mitigated quickly, and businesses can incorporate security into the entire lifecycle of applications.

#2 Emphasis On Coding Standards

As businesses and teams grow, they develop rules and guidelines for writing code. Language conventions and style consistency are also included in this list. We anticipate that by 2022, more companies will recognize the benefits of coding standards, not as a result of growing pains but as a result of understanding its importance from the start.

#1 Focus On Ethical Artificial Intelligence

While AI is expanding and providing numerous benefits, it also faces challenges and risks in data security, data privacy, and ethical data uses. Therefore, the tech industry will continue to develop ethical principles, guidelines, and regulations to ensure that the AIs being developed will behave ethically.

Last Words

Even though software trends are constantly emerging and evolving around us, these four trends offer promising career opportunities now and shortly. Since all of these trending technologies are looking for skilled professionals, the time has come for you to pick one, get trained, and jump on board at the early stages of these trending technologies, positioning yourself for success now and in the future.

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