Why Leverage Vue.JS For Your Next Project

Why Leverage Vue.JS For Your Next Project
Why leverage vue.JS For your next project min

JavaScript has been assisting businesses in creating dynamic online interfaces for their customers and clients for over two decades. JavaScript allows developers to add dynamicity to pages by allowing for real-time modification, additional functionality, and a better user experience. In addition, it may be used on both the client and server sides. As a result, various JavaScript frameworks appeared, each promising to be a silver bullet for developers or any full-stack development agency.


Vue.js stands out as a developer’s choice among several JS frameworks for web application development since it is a progressive JavaScript framework. Evan You, a former Google employee, is the creator of Vue.js. This JavaScript framework, which was released for public usage in 2014, has over 77.4 million likes on GitHub to create attractive web interfaces. Vue.js also gets a thumbs up for developing dynamic web interfaces for a variety of additional compelling reasons.


According to the research conducted by Stack Overflow Developer in 2019, Vue.js became the second most valued framework.

Source: Stack Overflow Developer 

Returning to the present, practically every company and brand is now concentrating on developing an intuitive user interface and incorporating the appropriate interactive features. They are also considering the most recent mobile app UI trends while designing the look and feel of their app.


However, one of the issues they’re still pondering is which JavaScript framework to use for constructing their web app’s user interface. Should they use Vue.js for UI web development, or should they use something else?


Given the importance of the app’s tech stack on its success rate, we’ll go through some of the reasons why Vue.js is an excellent choice in this guide.


Characteristics Of Vue.js

Data Binding

Using the binding feature called v-bind, Vue.js allows developers to easily assign values to HTML properties, modify the style, and more.


Virtual DOM

Any modifications made while developing will not be directly reflected on the DOM. Instead, a DOM replica is constructed, which is often in the form of JS data structures. Thus, Virtual DOM is used by Vue.js. This allows developers to test their designs and see how the UI changes while still being able to erase anything cost-effectively.


Computed Properties

Computed properties is another one of Vue.js’ basic features. It motivates designers and developers to pay attention to UI element changes and perform the necessary computations. Consequently, developers do not require other code with this characteristic of Vue.js.


Animation And Transition

When adding or updating something from the DOM, Vue.js gives developers various options for transitioning to HTML elements. It also gives you the opportunity of using third-party animation libraries and creating more engaging user interfaces.



The Vue.js framework provides an HTML-based template that ties the Vue instance data to the DOM. In addition, it converts templates into Virtual DOM render functionality, making user interface creation easier.


Now, as you know what Vue.js is and its main characteristics, move to reasons why you should prefer Vue.js for UI web development.


Reasons To Choose Vue.js

Small Size Of The App

The fact that Vue.js is only 18-21Kb in size is the most compelling reason developers choose it for their application needs. Moreover, despite its modest size, it has a fast speed, making it easy for the framework to take the lead. Therefore, developers are more likely to choose the Vue JavaScript framework for small and large-scale app projects.


Simple Structure

The Vue.js framework offers ease of learning. This reduces the steepness of Vue’s learning curve, making it easy for anyone to detect and eradicate faults in the coding environment, as well as swiftly construct small and large-scale templates. This is the primary reason why Vue is gaining traction in the mobile industry.


Enhanced Performance

Another advantage of Vue.js for development is that it is faster. And the reason for this is that it not only operates with Virtual DOM, but it also pays more attention to the flaws. It also has the capability of handling a high frame rate. Unfortunately, when comparing Vue.js to React.js, the outcome is that Vue.js leaves React.js behind in terms of performance.


Easy Integration

Because it is built on JavaScript, it can easily be integrated into any existing application that supports JS. This enables developers to design Vue.js apps from the ground level and incorporate Vue.js elements into existing projects.



Another benefit of using Vue.js for UI web development is its versatility. Every reputable app development company can use the framework to create HTML and JavaScript templates used in various browsers.


Improved Documentation

Finally, the Vue.js UI framework provides well-defined documentation that helps developers understand the necessary processes and construct their applications quickly.


List Of Companies Who Are Using Vue.js For Their Development Requirements



Vue.js development has a wide range of features and possibilities for building websites or mobile apps. It is a user- and developer-friendly framework with many helpful libraries, a strong community, and a robust set of tools. Vue.js is also simple to learn, and it’s naturally adaptable. In addition, it solves performance problems and scales effectively. What’s not to appreciate about that?


If you are intrigued and want to build robust applications by leveraging Vue.js features, connect with Forcebolt’s Vue.js experts to assist you with the best-in-class app development services.



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